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The Rise of the African Child
(The inspiration behind Miva)

The African child scanned the face of his people
Looking beyond the fatigue and wrinkles,
Looking for a glimmer of hope, a twinkle.
But All he could see was the misery of the eagles,
The confusion left by an idea planted there long long ago
by the other son of man.

He scanned again and again back to the days of old,
Seeking the face of those that came times before him.
Still he found no answer in the fold.
The old kings and queens stopped listening long ago.
All he could hear subtle, calm and soothing,
was the silent movement of the cold wind.

Wait he thought he heard a voice;
Yes it was indeed the voice of man
telling him to rise again
with a new idea, a new ideal.It all begins with an idea man said
The idea will become a dream
and the dream will bring faith
and faith will make the old listen once more
and when they do,
you shall rise forevermore,
higher higher higher than your dreams
because the battle shall no longer be yours
but ours and we always win.

But first the old must listen again
So rise and plant a new idea, a new seed
for it takes an idea to erase another
Rise and lift the sons and daughters of man
so that I can see my people smile once more;
their fatigues long forgotten
as they reach new shores
and enjoy the delices of my creation
Til the ends of eternity.

The African child rose and a new sun rose with it
A new day began and Darkness of ages
pushed away by the shining of Africa.

© 2010 Jean-Marc Kouessan Kouevidjin – The book of the African Child

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