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Mivasocial services to Africa and the Diaspora

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ZoomAfrica Weekly Chats

ZoomAfrica is a promoted weekly one hour Mivasocial Chat service that presents African Guest Artists, Entrepreneurs, Leaders and change makers to the world. Everybody is invited to join, meet the guests and to ask questions. Zoom Africa is a unique…

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» Click here to get started Pricing: Starting from 399 USD/Month

Advertise in front of Africa

Mivasocial offers several advertising possibilities targeting Africa, Specific African countries and the African Diaspora → Display/Banner Ads – (Starting from $399.99/Month/100000 Impressions.) Advertise your image Ads on Mivasocial today. You can pay per impression or per Month. Click here to…

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» Click here to get started Pricing: Starting from $250

Services for Musicians

Our Music Promotion team works with African artists to help them discovered by audiences around the world. We handle music production, mixing and mastering, album promotion, show and tour planning as well artist management and showcasing. We help create online…

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Transportation Solutions

Our transportation solutions bring together transportation providers and brokers to handle all the intercontinental transportation needs of the African Diaspora. Whether you are shipping a small box, a palette of goods or an entire container, our team of transporters are…

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» Click here to get started Pricing: Starting from $100/Month

Online TV & Video Promotion

Looking to create an online TV or get your Shows on Miva TV or get your TV & Videos featured on the largest African social Network? The entertainment Team at Mivasocial can help you leverage our Online Video streaming solutions.…

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» Click here to get started Pricing: Starting from 500 USD

Business Investment Opportunities

The Investment and Entrepreneurship Team at Mivasocial aims to unite Africans to invest together in great profitable ventures in the diaspora and in Africa that otherwise can be cost prohibitive to individuals. By pulling resources together, African communities around the…

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» Click here to get started Pricing: Starting from $5/Month

Web Hosting solutions

MivaCloud is the secure and fast cloud hosting service provided by Mivasocial to the African community around the world. The platform is optimized for developers looking to start quickly with a barebone server, a small business looking for shared hosting,…

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» Click here to get started Pricing: Starting from $500

Website & Mobile Design

Need a Professional website? Mivasocial’s Professional Services Team develops web solutions that perfectly combine your vision with our skills and experience. We build websites that are fast, efficient, easy to use and secure. Our unique designs are always modular and…

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