Didier Acouetey is Founder and President of Africsearch, first cabinet of recruitment of African human resources in Africa.
Didier Acouetey travels the world looking for new talent. The Togolese entrepreneur organizes every year exhibitions  dedicated to the recruitment of African executives, AfricTalents Washington, Dakar and Paris.
Didier Acouetey was born in Lomé, which he left at the age of 13 for Paris France. In 1996, he founded the only international search firm with a presence in French-speaking Africa, Africsearch. Considering that “the salvation of Africa will come through new entrepreneurs”, Didier Acouetey promotes African expertise. He believes that there is not “enough opportunities for engineers in the diaspora.”africsearch-logo-mivasocial-african-social-network

As part of its activities at AfricSearch, Didier Acouetey has recruited hundreds of managers and executives for companies operating on the African continent, and led several missions of corporate reorganization and accompanied processes of privatization of companies throughout the continent. He continued to make proposals to  African States and international institutions, aimed at the improvement of educational structures and capacity-building.

Didier ACOUETEY is also a columnist at the Radio France International (RFI) on the problems of job training in Africa.

He has received several awards of recognition and was considered in 2008 as one of the 50 most active Africans in the world during the last 50 years by the magazine ‘Africa International’.

Among its other activities, Didier ACOUETEY chairs the Commission Education – training of CIAN (Council of French investors in black Africa ) and he is also Vice-president of “Africa Agenda & Action”, a network of young African leaders aiming to promote a new leadership and make Africa a world economic power.

He holds an MBA from the superior school of Commerce in Paris and also graduated in international trade and industrial marketing.

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