Mivachat African Chat, Messenger, Collaboration & Live TV App

Mivachat App for Android and iPhone

mivachat-mobile-appMivachat is the African messenger, group or one-on-one chat, free calling, mobile video chat, Live TV and live Collaboration app powered by Mivasocial, the first multi-purpose social platform for Africa.

The Mivachat messenger app allows Mivasocial users across the world to chat via text, audio and video. Mivasocial members can use Mivachat to call each other, host conference calls, live audio and video calls as well as group chats for Free.

There are several versions of Mivachat based on the device.

1- Mivachat Desktop – Click here for the desktop version

Mivachat Desktop is a fully functional desktop version of Mivachat that can be used directly on any modern web Browsers.

2- Mivachat Social Messenger – Click here to access on the social Network

Mivachat Social Messenger is available as a bottom social chat feature on desktops only  as you navigate the African social Network on your desktop computer. No matter where you are on the social platform, this messenger follows you so you never miss any chat message or call.

3- Miva TV Network (MIVATN) – Click here to access the TV Network

The Miva TV Network(MIVATN) allows you to create your own TV channel and start broadcasting live from their smartphone and Desktop computers equipped with a camera. On Smartphone the broadcast can be done from the Mivachat App or from a browser on the phone. Supported browsers are Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 11. Google Chrome is the preferred browser.

4- Mivachat App – Install the Mivachat App for Android | Install the Mivachat App for iPhone

The App is available both on the IPhone and Android. It can be installed from the respective App stores.