Buy MivaCredits

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Mivasocial Credits are virtual currencies available to Mivasocial members. They can be used to make purchases in the Official MivaShop store or to pay for certain services offered by MivaSocial such as PAC creation, Advertising, TV Channel creation, Blog Posting, Website creation and more.

There are 2 types of credits on MivaSocial – MivaCredits and MivaMoney:

MivaCredits – can be earned or purchased

– Used to pay for Mivasocial services only. They can be purchased or earned. They are are accrued automatically by members based their daily activities and interactions with MivaSocial. Mivacredits are earned when a member:

  • Logs in daily
  • Signs up
  • Invites a friend to Mivasocial
  • Posts activities such as updates, photos, videos, music, blogs…
  • Writes a comment
  • Creates a PAC

and much more.