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What is Mivasocial and why you should adopt it?

Mivasocial is a new breed of multi-purpose social platforms for Africa. As part of the Mivasocial Network you can connect to country-based social networks specific to each African country and a global African social network or a social network for the African diaspora. It’s your choice. Mivasocial is not your regular social network, it goes further by developing and providing acclaimed useful social tools and applications to solve African problems, to improve democracy in Africa and to create opportunities for African people everywhere.
The Mission

MivaSocial mission is to promote Africa to the world and to encourage communication, Exchange, trade, technology for the socio-economic development of the African continent.

Created to contribute to the development of a better Africa, MivaSocial allows Africans to meet, communicate and work together to educate and improve the social and economic life of Africans throughout the world without gender discrimination, politics, religious, ethnic or cultural background.
MivaSocial is the largest platform web, mobile and social network of Africa. The platform implements a vast ecosystem of web sites and applications interconnected aimed at individual to solve a specific problem in Africa and the African Diaspora around the world.

MivaSocial is designed and created by Jean-Marc Kouevidjin and Nasser Falana. the platform was officially launched on 6 may 2013.