African Mobile Apps powered by Mivasocial

Mivasocial has deployed varied Mobile Apps for Android and IPhone smartphones for its vast array of websites and applications for Africa.
On this page you will find the list of the different Miva Mobile Apps.

Mivasocial App for Android

Mivasocial Mobile AppIf you have an IPhone, we do not yet have a Mivasocial App for your device, however you can use Mivasocial flawlessly in Mobile Safari on IPhone.
This is the main Mivasocial App for Android devices. The App will give you access to the Mivasocial Platform and all the different social networks therein.
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Mivachat App for Android and iPhone

mivachat-mobile-appMivachat is the African messenger, group or one-on-one chat, free calling and mobile video app powered by Mivasocial, the first multi-purpose social platform for Africa. The app allows Mivasocial users to chat via text, audio and video. Mivasocial members can use Mivachat to call each other, host conference calls, live audio and video calls as well as group chats. Mivachat App is available both on the IPhone and Android. It can be installed from the respective App stores.
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RTS African Social Radio Mobile App for Android

RTS mobile AppThe RTS is Top African Social Radio Online. The Radio features the best of African Music and the latest African news. The mission of the RTS Radio is to promote African media creators such as musicians, Pastors, The Comedians, journalists and others before the world.
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Vadji African Classifieds Mobile App for Android

Vadji-african-classifieds-mobile-appVadji Africa Marketing or Vadji Africa ads is the official site of Mivasocial for classified ads, advertising and web Marketing in Africa and the African Diaspora. Vadji is clearly the largest site of ads, advertisements, and African web Marketing covering all the topics of social life, trade between African, fashion, real estate in Africa, employment, vehicles and services between African. With Vadji you can target your ads to an African country, the diaspora, or across Africa.
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